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The Chest of Secrets

Chest of Secrets

A teacher’s self-contained toolkit to teach critical thinking skills to young children. 

Everything you need is contained in the Chest of Secrets:

Materials for teachers and children:

The teacher’s materials 

Teacher’s book with detailed description of activitiesStories

Elements of the Cloud

Elements of the Logic Branch 

Elements of the Ambitious Target Tree



Cards for children (for copying)

Mat of the Cloud (dimensions)

Mat of the Logic Branch (dimensions)

Children’s materials

Push out Cloud Cards  (to determine a problem in a kinesthetic way)

Emoticon cards

Cards with mini pictograms

Worksheets with symbols, story titles and tools.

Teachers also learn the thinking tools as they teach the children.

The Teachers Book contains an introduction that outlines the why of using pictograms, emoticons, and tangible objects to aid children in their learning to think. For example pictograms and emoticons allow children who still do not know letters, to encode and decode information regardless of any other person – the equivalent of wordless reading and writing.

The Introduction provides a full background into the three Logical Thinking Tools how they work and why they help in developing a childs active learning and engagement. The tools teach children planning and managing their own attention and behaviour and aid the development of life skills: communication, learning, self discipline and self motivation. 

The introduction explains how the program helps teachers see the different ways of children thinking and ....

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