Thanks to  donations from Dr. James Holt and Realization Technologies, 1500 sets of  Chest of Secrets children’s training materials and 10 sets of teacher training materials were shipped from Poland to the Philippines where they  received a festive ‘welcoming ceremony in late November 2014.                                                        

Chest of Secrets 2

The Chest of Secrets, a TOCfE early childhood education program, teaches children TOC CLOUDS, Branches and Ambitious Targets as a methodology to understand and remember relevant stories.  In so doing, the children--on their own initiative—begin to apply these thinking skills to  other content as well as  to their daily lives.   Their teachers, after receiving a short training just on how to use the materials with the children, learn the TOC tools along with their students.

The initial roll out in Philippines will start with 500 children in Valenzuela City schools and 1,000 children in Quezon City schools and their teachers.  Those teachers will help cascade the program to other districts which will be allowed, as part of the grant,  to reproduce these training materials with no royalties thereby significantly enhancing the potential for wide spread dissemination

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