TOC for Education: Global Expansion

TOC for Education: Global Expansion

What is TOC for Education

TOCfE growing worldwide

Origins The Theory of Constraints for Education (TOCfE) was founded in 1995 by the late Dr Eliyahu Goldratt (1947-2011) with the goal to spread the logic based thinking and communication…




Working with teachers to develop young minds

  Parents supporting their children's learning and behaviour development, and improved self-reliance.  Parents naturally want the best for their children. Most parents do whatever they can within their means to…




Thinking tools for teaching

  There are currently more than 250,000 educators teaching the TOC thinking tools in more than 24 countries around the world. Australia has now joined numerous European, South American and Asian…

Students of all ages

Students of all ages

Stimulating students minds

Helping kids of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.  Page under construction

School Administrators

School Administrators

School Administrators

School administrator

Theory of Constraints is a methodology to logically identify and overcome key limitations that prevent a person, organisation or system from achieving its goal.   Leadership in schools comes from…

TOCfE Conference 2018

TOCfE Conference 2018

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TOCfE Conference 2018

  TOC for Education Inc 16th International Conference  November 29 – December 1, 2018 Gdansk, Poland     Venue: European Solidarity Centre Conference Fee: US$275 ($350 after October 31)) To Register…


Chest of Secrets - Primary SchoolIMG 2294

The Chest of Secrets, a TOCfE early childhood education program, teaches children three logical thinking processes (Clouds, Branches and Ambitious Targets) as a methodology to understand, remember and interpret relevant stories. In so doing, the children, on their own initiative, begin to apply these thinking skills to other content as well as to their daily lives.  

Their teachers, after receiving a short training just on how to use the materials with the children, learn the TOC tools along with their students. Parents are also invited to engage in this process to help reinforce the learning at home. 

What's in this self contained and comprehensive package? Click here.

The Chest of Secrets was developed over a period of several years by Polish professional early school educators and practitioners.

Our aim at TOC for Education Australia is to pilot the Chest of Secrets in a number of local Kindergartens and document the results for review by parents, teachers and professional educational assessors. The Chest of Secrets is being taught in Poland, Germany, Holland, Phillipines and Japan.

Please contact us for further information. 

All materials are in English.


Maths - Problem Solving Maps Workbook - Primary & Secondary School

Tact Workbook 1In this workbook, you will learn a new approach to teach maths using a set of graphic thinking tools referred to as Problem Solving Maps. The process is very simple, but requires viewing the purpose of learning math in a different light. It is not about WHAT to teach but HOW to teach maths. These maps are generic enough that can be used to teach a large variety of topics from middle school to college math. The workbook includes all the reflections to understand the process, a summary of the maps, and several examples of how to use them.

Our aim at TOC for Education Australia is to pilot the Problem Solving Maps in a number of local schools and document the results for review by parents, teachers and professional educational assessors. 

Please contact us for further information. 

Teachers will be able to receive the necessary training online direct with Professor Danilo Sirias.

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Yani's Goal DVD - Primary School Children

 16286Helps improve thinking skills and behavior for children. 

Yani's Goal (Software PC CD-ROM) presents a series of unique "thinking tools" for primary school children.

Taught through a highly engaging story.

Yani's Goal is an adventure story in which Yani encounters several difficulties. With the aid of new friends, Yani learns how to question and think through problems on his own using the thinking processes of the Theory of Constraints. 

Yani learns to make decisions and resolve conflicts with the Cloud. He learns to think about consequences with the Branch and he learns to accomplish big goals with the Ambitious Target.

Yani also learns that the best way to teach others is by asking questions that guide them to their best thinking.

Give children the skill to:

Define problems and create thoughtful solutions. 

Set their own goals and develop a logical plan for achieving them. 
Make reasoned judgements and decisions. 
Analyse curriculum topics in greater depth

And also:

Resolve conflicts
Predict the outcome of their own actions, and know how to control their own behaviour
These are skills that will last children a lifetime, and skills that will directly improve student behaviour.

Roni's Thinking Games - YouTube Video series 

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.39.56 am

Charming series of little dilemmas that Roni encounters on a day to day basis and how he discovers a simple process to find solutions to each of them. 

 Roni's Thinking games



TACTICS - Thinking Tools Workbook 

Tact Workbook

Professional Grade Thinking Tool Work Book for educators.

Written by Kathy Suerken, President TOC for Education, this workbook is the standard and is essential for achieving accreditation in becoming a TOCfE practitioner.

Workshops are available in Australia for educators wishing to acquire knowledge and fluency in the use of the tools in the classroom, construction of curriculum and lesson plans.



Short introductions to the Logical Thinking Tools that you can download. 

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Conflict Resolution Tool - Problem and Benefits Summary (pdf)

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 4.14.58 pm 

The Logical Branch Thinking Tool - Problem and Benefits Summary (pdf)


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The Ambitious Target Tool - Problem and Benefits Summary (pdf)


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